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The onset of the 21st century saw a fundamental shift occur within companies and corporations across the world - the move from shareholder capitalism to stakeholder capitalism. At Aalto Capital we take all our stakeholders very seriously and aim to find solutions that work in favour of all partners to our organisation. We continue to attempt to maximise shareholder return, but only if it is also in the best interests of our staff, our clients and partners, the communities in which we operate in, and the world at large. To this end we have defined our value proposition for each of our key stakeholder groups.

Employee value proposition

At Aalto Capital we understand that the highest levels of employee engagement occur when personal and business purpose are aligned. We wish to attract people who are ambitious with entrepreneurial spirit. They thrive in our environment and make it better. We enable them to do their jobs well with all the tools they need.

We welcome diversity and promote inclusiveness. We value freedom of thought and creativity. We encourage our people to be bold and ambitious. But to remain humble and helpful. We teach strict disciplines but encourage innovation. Each employee is a valued asset, and we want them to come to work every day with a deep sense of purpose. Our expectations are as high as theirs are, as we strive to build a company we are all proud to call our own.

Client value proposition

Our client value proposition is simple but profound. If you own and manage an entrepreneurial company and have bold ambitions, then there is no better corporate finance resource to help you realise them than Aalto Capital.

We are your trusted advisor through every period of transition, and we think and work the same way that you do. Together we will determine the best possible outcome of any transaction we are collectively involved in, and then help bring it to fruition through our corporate finance acumen and our entrepreneurial approach.

This is also the way we build long-term relationships of significant value with our clients.

Investor value proposition

Our focus on helping ambitious companies realise their true potential enables us to bring transactions of the highest quality to the investor market.

Our reputation and track record ensure that we attract high levels of interest in the investment community, and we provide excellent opportunities to create further layers of added value by matching complementary partners on both sides of any transaction.

Community value proposition

Our most important community is made up of ambitious mid-sized companies like ourselves, across Europe, the United Kingdom and beyond. We will continue to work in the best interests of this community and promote the important role it plays both socially and economically.

Our purpose and values, along with our skills, acumen and proven track record all demonstrate our commitment to the growth and health of this critical business sector and the role it plays in keeping the world in balance.

Societal value proposition

At Aalto Capital we want to create value for all our stakeholder groups, including society at large. We do this by helping established, ambitious companies grow, creating business and employment opportunities along the way.

We also have a strong commitment to ESG principles..

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