Equity Capital

Aalto Capital advises private and public companies in raising equity capital from capital markets or from private sources

Companies’ capital needs depend on the phase of business development. For each phase, whether it’s early-stage, growth, expansion or mature growth, the sources of equity capital and the investor universe are different. The key success factor in raising equity capital is access to the right sources of equity capital and investors combined with accurate pricing. Typical engagements include private placements and public share issues.

At a certain point in a company’s development, tapping the capital markets becomes a viable way to raise capital. Decisions on taking the company public or proceeding with an initial public offering means significant long term changes at many levels compared to being privately owned. We are equipped with long standing experience in capital markets and different types of capital market transactions. In IPOs we act as the process management office for the clients’ listing process, coordinating all the work streams and other entities related to the process. Our role is to find the right investors for each client, manage the issuance process, and advise on selecting suitable brokers, legal advisors, and issuer agents when needed.

Aalto Capital is a Certified Adviser in Nasdaq First North Helsinki.

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