Capital Markets Financing

Do you want to realize a real estate project and need suitable financing? We advise you on both regular project financing and the selection and implementation of alternative financing solutions. Benefit from the reliable expertise of Aalto Capital and choose from a variety of debt capital, mezzanine capital and other financing options.

The issuance of project bonds or bonded loans represents an interesting alternative to regular bank financing solutions and is highly suitable for project financing. Independence in the raising of capital, the access to new investor circles and a diversification of financing components make this form of financing attractive for SMEs.

We advise you on all aspects of the issuance of your bond or bonded loan. Our services include the preparation of all necessary documents, the acquisition of investors as well as the actual placing itself. We introduce you to qualified partners such as lawyers, banks, IR-agencies and rating agencies in order to form your team of choice for the issuance process.

SMEs are full of variety – and so are our financing services. For your issuance you can choose from:

  • Project bonds
    Raise capital for a specific project. The capital backing for the creditor is obtained from the project itself.
  • Corporate bonds with monitored use of funds
    Finance your project with a monitored fund and an individual capital backing.
  • Corporate bonds
    This financing option requires a certain size and solvency of your business, allowing for complete independence without capital backing.