Infrastructure Financing

In respect of current interest rates many investors are looking for new investment opportunities. Especially pension funds and insurance companies, who promised to grant their clients guaranteed interest, have to adapt their capital investments to the new regulations of Solvency II and are therefore in need of attractive investment alternatives. Infrastructure projects, which often cannot be financed by the public sector anymore, represent this type of investment alternative.

The selection of an appropriate financing is of crucial importance for your infrastructure project. Benefit from our broad range of services including bank financing as well as various alternative financing solutions and find the financing that suits your requirements.

After you decide on a financing option for your infrastructure project, we will advise you on all levels of its implementation. If you choose an alternative financing solution like the issuance of project bonds or bonded loans, we will guide you through the entire issuance process, including feasibility studies, the preparation of all relevant documents and the introduction of interested investors.

We also provide consulting on regular bank financing – benefit from our many years of experience. Our independence ensures the selection of the most favorable financing solution for your company. For us the sustainability of our consulting and the resulting long-term partnerships with our clients are of paramount importance.