IBO Advisory (Corporate Bonds)

We provide advise in all questions concerning raising debt capital in the capital markets. Our expertise is based on numerous successfully executed transactions and the solutions are always custom tailored according to the needs of the client. Against the backdrop of increasingly restrictive credit policy of banks due to changing standards (Basel IV etc.), alternative debt capital solutions offer access to a diversified universe of lenders and creditors.

Issuance of corporate bonds offers SMEs an attractive financing alternative providing independence from financial institutions and giving the issuer an opportunity for a direct dialogue with investors.

Secured loans offer a financing alternative that is also gaining popularity among SMEs. Credit users issue promissory notes to an arranging bank as proof of the existing debt. The bank then fully or partially transfers the promissory notes to other creditors. This form of financing offers a high degree of flexibility regarding the loan volume combined with low public disclosure obligations.

Aalto Capital assists you throughout the entire issuance process. We support your company during the planning of your (first) issuance and advise you on structuring as well as on the selection of the right sales channels. We put special emphasis on the identification, analysis, and acquisition of potential investors.

An excellent project management and the involvement of experts (legal advisors, IR-agencies, rating agencies, paying agent etc.) are essential for successful transactions. By cooperating with qualified partners, we will form a team geared to your needs. Our goal is a long lasting, sustainable cooperation with our clients therefore our consulting goes beyond the point of disbursal, advising you on upcoming obligations after the issuance.